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holy cow, this hunt took me forever. i guess i don’t do hunts very oftne, cause theyve always just been CRAP, o maybe im kinda rusty, but wow! this be taking FO’EVA! Finishing it up today was especially ehctic, as the system refused to let me Tp 1/3 of the time, so i had to relog and tp in form the start location area

but definitely kudos to whoever put this together.. its amazing
Ill blog a bunch of it up when i get it all totally finished.

in other news, I have an interview seminar thing at MAC.. no not the makeup place.. the COMPUTER PLACE.. OMG id so die to work there. EEEE! (though id give my left leg to work at either mac…) Interesting how 2 of my favourite things are known widely by the same name. Ive also got an interview at debenhams new store to be a merchandiser, which i think could be an ok gig for me.. im good at that kind of thing
i have to go to a wedding today.. blahh.. how boring.

HOLY COW! i just finished the GSH. that probably took me about 6 hours in total, becasue i spent time looking around at people’s stores. now im gonna go take a shower and get ready for a wedding i do not want to go to … i better be getting drunk..

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