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ohh! a blog, i bet you've never seen one before have you!

hey, My name is Alexis Stapovic.Well that’s not my real name, but I like to parade around and pretend that it is.  I use Second life.

In my non SL life I am a pretty fab web designer, and a graphic designer also!  I could have installed wordpress on my own domain, but guess what: I’m too damned lazy.  I wanted some place I could go and spew unprocessed drivel without expending too much effort.

I like this theme, its nifty eh?  I think I’ll use this one.  I choo choo choose you!

I plan on writing whatever I want without much regard for what anyone thinks of it..  I might elate some people, I might offend some people.  All of my links go right into SL, not to the stupid slurl page.  ‘Cause that page is lame.

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