Wow, personal advertizing/PR is a LOT of work! Over the last few days I’ve got together my twitter, plurk, and avatars united accounts. I’ve totally overhauled my SL profile, my SL wiki page, and my personal website/blog. I’m wondering if I should do koinup, MySpace, and facebook too. I don’t know if I can be assed!

I think the reason that I’ve done it all though is because I want to get back into SL properly.. I was hugely into it for a long time, and then I took a short break. I came back for a few months and spewed out a bunch of skins, and took another break. Then I had an infatuation with chickens, and the little buggers drained all of my money. On top of that, I think that the overall stupidity of the chicken population (those of you who had chickens and weren’t dumb obviously aren’t included) somewhat turned me off of second life. I took a 7 month hiatus, and I really miss it.

I think for me to be in Second Life, I need to get back to what I really really love: building things and helping people. How is it that in 4 years of my Second Life I’ve figured out what I want to do, but in 27 years of my real life I haven’t got a clue? I’ve already signed up for the White Tiger Mentors Group, and I’m awaiting training. I’ve already finished the model for my first NICE prefab, complete with a pool, and I’m working on the shadow maps. I really hope that this getting back to basics keeps my mind from wandering.



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