BBBC Day 1 oops for lateness

Yes I know the BBBC 2010 challenge is over, but I didn’t even see that it existed until today, and if I had seen it I would have participated, so, meh. It’s my blog and i’ll write what I want to.

Day 1’s topic was “Why did you become a blogger? How has it enriched your life?”

This is a bit of a loaded question for me.  And by a bit,  I mean a LOT.

I’ve had a blog in some form or another for like 13 years.  I started writing just html, but then that was too ugly, so I learned to do some photoshoppery (ok it was printshoppery when  started out, but whatever).   Ive been writing in and designing blogs and personal websites ever since.  Its not so much the blog content itself that has enriched my life, but having a blog meant that I had something to design for.  This is finally what i ended up going to school for, and now I’ve graduated with a diploma (that’s fantastically useless in the UK) in New Media Production and Design.

My early love of blogging/internet design is what finally sent me to school and enabled me to buy my own computer (yay student loans).  With this computer I met a good deal of other creative people off of the internet.  Friends, a few boyfriends, some new room-mates, and, eventually, one friend who had a brother.  His brother was cute, but he lived in England, which was a long LONG way from Canada.  I guess that didn’t matter too much though, because now we are MARRIED.

So, in a way, I guess you could say that blogging in a round-about way got me my HUSBAND.  Its gotten me a lot of really amazing friends.  Its given me a place to be creative, and every now and then It’s given me a place to share things that make me happy or to blow off some steam.  I don’t know that I’m necessarily a very good blogger, but I’ve had one or two, or three for years.  and they have always been personal blogs.  I remember when that was the only kind of blog that there was.. none of this tech/political/clinically uninteresting blog shit. blogs were journals.. they meant something to you.  and my blogs mean something to me<3

<3 Lex

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