Reek is awesome

So, I was doing that GOOD SH*T HUNT and I kind of got stuck on #2, Reek.  Not becasue I couldn’t find it, the prize was easy to spot.   But the store.. holy crap.

Think of all the bling-tards you’ve ever seen.  All of the terrible hair you’ve ever seen.  All of the nasty skins you’ve ever seen.  Think of noobs circa 2006.  Remember how AWFUL those made your aesthetic sensibilities feel, and how they made you want to scrub your eyes out with a pumice stone?  Reek is the EXACT opposite.

I didn’t even move from the TP spot before I took a photo to show my husband, who doesn’t even play SL.  THIS is the outside of the store:

Reek Store Outside

Reek Store Outside

If you middle click the thumbnail you can get it in massive huge size and you will see exactly how huge this place is. I’m standing in front of the mountains on the bottom. See that teeny little thing? yeah, that’s me there.

Speaking in arty/poetic terminology, most of Reek’s products are in the same “voice” as RC-Cluster and other fab stores that sell lots of silly nonsense, that you HAVE TO have, even though its not technically useful. Things like pencils to stick in your nose. Not partial to nasal pencils? Perhaps a shark fin complete with sneaky walk and the jaws music will strike your fancy.

Because I’m am poor as all hell, and have decided that I’m not spending any money ever again, I only bought a couple things. And becasue I fail as a photographer, and wasn’t there with the mind of blogging anything, I didn’t take any fancy “ohh I’m a blogger” type photos. I did however get this little gem of a photo when i fell through the floor becasue of the my personal lag monsters and ended up some 1000 feet underground with my legs all crunched up like some kind of birth defect.

Cupcake Graveyard

Cupcake Graveyard

I’m wearing the fantastic Cupcake graveyard shirt here in the faded/distressed/(whatever its called) orange.  I also bought the shark fin and sneaky walked around wearing it until the noise drove my husband insane and he commanded I take it off.  Apparently it was interfering with his tennis watching or something trivial like that.  pssht.

I command that everyone go there.  Do it now.
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Stuff I’m wearing:
Shirt: REEK
Shoes: Tesla Fur Vixens
Jeans, I don’t remember (update later)
Tattoos: Canimal
Hair: Fri.Day
Cuffs/collar: Sinistyle (I think)
Skin, eyes, shape, piercings: me
pose: grid-monkies

<3 Lex

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