Ahh, it’s been a long last couple of days. A long couple of days that makes me happy I don’t go out more often. I realise that I’m not great at interacting whit people in person. So I think I’ll just avoid doing it.

Apparently if you go out with someone for their birthday, and their little brother drags you off the dance floor and tries to make out with you, you should not get your face near his ear to tell you that you don’t want to make out with him because you are too old, too sober, and too married, because she’ll come around the corner and find you, and then accuse you of cheating on your husband, with her little brother, and threaten to punch you in the face, and tell your husband, and then subsequently refuse to speak to you ever again. FANTASTIC!

Whatever, her loss. I clearly need less high maintenance friends. I always did find being friends with her strenuous. She was so superficially oriented. I mean, I get that, we are both designers/artists, but I don’t understand how someone can be so utterly superficially oriented in every facet of their lives. If you just want to kick back and watch TV in the common areas, you don’t need to look great. If you just want to run to the grocery store, you don’t need make-up and a hairdo. You dont have to talk like you are showing off your life. And holy drama! There was always something. She wasn’t worth the effort.

But she has my book! I want it back!

In other news, I love squeazy jam!

And I’ve got a gig helping a friend build a club! super stoked about that. He’s got the same kind of excitement about it that I do about the project. He actually wants to make something interesting instead of just another boring ass box with lights inside. I’m happy to make this club too, becasue the music is great, and its not laggy.


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