what, NEW STORE 2?

Allo my Lovelies!

I’ve opened yet another new location! Rave Nation opened a club, and I got in right before it opened. My store is sandwiched between Sae’s brand, Rave Nation, and an adorable place I’ve never seen, but defiantly will be buying from, called Neko Gear. It’s a little purple and blue store with 2 cute little chandelier twinkly light things. It’s honestly the frst store I’ve eve been in where I haven’t had a burning desire to redo the entire color scheme. Across the hall there is one shop that I don’t know, because there is no sign or product yet, and there is Jade’s shop, Exposed, for her photography and probably some shirts in the very near future.

And I’ll post the LM as soon as SL lets me in *shakes fist*




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