wow. just.. wow.

So, Emerald is dead, and we cant even say that it went down in a blaze of glory. From what I’ve been able to learn this morning, all of the problems were because of the malicious, childish and selfish actions of the few, which destroyed the fantastic project for all of us. Its kind of sad really. I also think that the way that LL handled the entire situation was somewhat stunted, but I guess that doesn’t matter – when has LL ever cared what the users think?

Fear not! As has been stated all over the grid and the web today, Phoenix rises form the ashes of Emerald. We can all continue to enjoy the same great aspects of Emerald without all the uncool things that went along with it. Kudos to all of those of you who are continuing the development of this great viewer. I, a looooooong time user of SL, and many of the other residents of SL thank you.

<3 Alexis

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