hiatus much?

yeah so, I kind of disappeared for a bit. not cool but whatever.
I needed a break. I’m finally starting to get inspired again, and I finally want to create and explore again. I think I might start making a line of modular prefabs – rooms that you can slot together into a house/skybox/ hotel/ shop/ whatever however you want. I’ve made a bedroom that I really like, so I’ll just make some more bits and pieces and see where it goes.

More on the building front: Id really REALLY love to do commercial interior design. I’ve always loved doing and redoing the inside of my stores, and Id love to be able to do that for other people. I believe that a store has to sell itself as well as the products, and to do that it has to have its own voice and be individualistic, and I’d love love LOVE to help people come up with their own vibe and their own feeling, so that they can showcase what they are all about as well as their products. If you want help with that or to see what I can do, PM me or email me (lots of contact info in one of the side bars).

I’m also considering making some tattoo layer make-ups, because,lets face it, my SKINS weren’t great, my make-up is what people bought my skins for. That’s ok, because Make-up is what i really wanted to do. I love make-up, I don’t care about skin.

I’m considering uniting all of my different ‘brands’ under one name, because Im tired of having to make all kinds of different branding for everything I do. I’d love to have one store with a unified theme and to just be able to tie it all together nicely.

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