So, android is rad.

So now that I have a wp app on my phone, ill probably post a more constant stream of nonsense chattering.  Last night I viciously cut my finger…. on my PINKY TOENAIL! Instead of QQ-ing, I drew eyes above it and made a face. But its right on the side of the knuckle so every time time I bend my finger it pulls open, and hurts.  “Well, don’t bend your finger,” you may think, but it’s on my index finger… my INDEX finger.  So my creativity will be down.

I have made some earrings! Little crocheted. Voodoo/string dolls. Pain-painstakingly shadow-mapped with the shittiest program for sculpts EVER, 3ds max. Nothing lines up.  So after much tweaking and swearing, they’re done.  I’ll post a link to them in the marketplace when I get them listed.  I’m also making the dolls in real life, because I have 21 hours on a plane in my near future and they don’t require knitting needles or crochet hooks, because, you know, knitting needles are terrorists go-to weapon of choice.

<_3 alexisbr="alexisbr">(Posted from my Android, because its better than your iPhone)

<3 (Posted from my Android, because its better than your iPhone)

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