I has a sadface. QQ

So, I get back from holidays. I log in. What do I see in the region name at the top of my screen? Xeniversity Sandbox.  Bit what’s right after it?



What do you mean, closed!  I pretty much LIVE there! I’m there 23/7! The only sandbox I’ve ever sen that’s not full of griefers laggy moons and the dregs of SL!  Nooooooooooooooooo!  I cry.

Well, thanks for the good times Xen, I really appreciated it while it lasted<3. Anyone know of another GOOD sandbox that's not all nooby and greiferey, and us actually still open?

In other news: I saw a bike infested with honey bees today

Don't Sit Here

Don't Sit Here

<3 Alexis (Posted from my Android, because its better than your iPhone)

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