Y U QQ about ‘standard sizes’!

I think its really sad that people are moaning and whining about standard sizing for mesh garments.
Standard Sizing‘ (which I’m going to abbreviate to ‘SS’ for the remainder of this post) isn’t saying “you must mush your avatar into one of these sizes” its saying, “everything marked “m” in stores that use SS will be the same size. They could well have named the sizes “red,” “helium,” “hexagon,” “grumpy,” “Russia,” “coffee cup,” and “computer chair.”

standard sizing logo

standard sizing logo

SS is so that you dont have to try on ALL the sizes in every store. It’s so you know that if you are a size Russia in one store using SS, you will very likely be a size Russia in every store using SS, so that you don’t also have to try on a grumpy and a coffee cup. It was designed to create some continuity between stores, so that you know that your tee-shirt from store A in size helium will fit under the jacket form store B if it is also in size helium.

I could fall face first into the well of QQ, because my size is very much “NO STANDARD CLOTHES FOR YOUUUUUU,” but i dont really see any point in that
My sizing
Body fat :0 – XXS
Torso muscle :40 – M (M is 38)
Breast size :64 – M (M is 58)
Love Handles :23 – XXS (XXS is 22, XS is 25)
Belly Size :0 – XXS
Leg Muscle :60 – (M is 56, L is 69)
Butt Size :40 – (S is 38, M is 44)
Saddle Bags :41 – (M is 36, L is 45)

I think its kind of annoying that the “fat” avatars out there are whining. I say “fat” with quotation marks, because you aren’t fat, you are PIXELS. Fat avs are acting as if SS breaching their civil rights by cutting them out of shopping fun. SS is designed to fit AVERAGE sizes. If you dont like the way that the average was determined, or you don’t think that a 500 person survey was enough to determine an average, why didn’t you participate in the study, or why dont you start a NEW study with a NEW survey? also, if you DID participate, you have to understand its the AVERAGE. they aren’t going to use your EXACT shape.

If you think all of the clothes are too small for you, scale your avatar down PROPORTIONALLY. i dont mean make it skinnier. i mean make all of the pieces smaller so that you are the same proportions, but smaller. Think: putting yourself in a shrinking machine, like “honey i shrunk the kids,” not like liposuction. if you have a triangle that is 4 inches on each side, and a triangle that is 2 inches on each side, it will still LOOK the same, it will just be smaller, and it might fit into standard sizing.

beyond all of that, content creators aren’t forcing their wares on you. if you dont like it, dont buy it.

As for my own non-conforming to standard sizes, I’m just going to have to suck it up and make do. Just like in I do in RL. IRL I’m suuuuper tiny. I can wear medium CHILDREN’S clothing. My fave Tee is an army shirt sized for a 5 year old. Do I bitch at shop owners for not having things that fit? No. I shop elsewhere or I alter the clothes. In SL you can alter your shape instead, so you can shop EVERYWHERE! Please, suck it up and deal with it, or quit whining so that the rest of us can enjoy FINALLY having fabric that moves with our bodies, hair that doesn’t stick out of our shoulders randomly, and boots that dont make our ankles look broken.

My opinion: Standard sizing is a GREAT idea. Standard sizing for heads would be nice too.

Side note: If I were a clothing designer I dont think I’d want to design for ‘fat’ avs – not because I have anything against fat PEOPLE, but because the SL sliders, when jacked up too high start to shove the vertices at awkward angles that are unpleasant. Have you noticed that fat avs have weirdly boxy arms and boobs and really messed up looking legs? they don’t look “fat,” they look like someone tried to carve the statue of Willendorf with from a block of half baked cheese using a chainsaw. They dont have nice round curves like in RL, they have pointy awkward angles all strangely aligned. i wouldn’t want to try to make things that would look good on shapes like that, it would be a lot of work and would probably end up looking shitty anyway.

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