So, today I was watching my girlish show, playing with a candle, as I usually do, and I spill the candle.

On myself.

On my shorts.

On my short shorts… And I’m talking really short shorts.

On the friggin’ CROTCH of my really short shorts.

THE WAX IS RED.  On my light heather grey shorts.

Let’s recap. I’ve just spilled hot, blood red wax on the crotch of my light grey short shorts.

And its not even on the frontal crotch area, where you could point to it and be all “Haha, that’s just wax.” No, it’s in the area where if someone notices it, it will look like I’ve had a feminine hygiene accident, so they will never comment on it so you can never clarify the situation. Though if anyone other than my husband is looking at that part of my crotch in shorts that short, I’m likely to punch them upside the head.

Lord I hope I can get it out.. those are my gym shorts.

I also got wax all over my the inner part of my largely nude thigh (tres short shorts) and on BOTH of my feet, but it didn’t hurt in the slightest so whateves.

Yes, this was posted so you can laugh at my dumb ass.

P.s., I’m one classy bitch.

<3 Alexis (Posted from my Android, because its better than your iPhone)

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