mesh or skins? decisions, decisions

So my friend Ori is trying to talk me into making skins again (I lurves you Oir!). I was all gung-ho about it, but now that I’ve really looked into it, I soooo don’t want to. Making the SKIN is pure hell. The makeup is the only part I care about. I’m seriously tempted to make a totally alliterative skin, that look more like the vector images I make. It would be weird but could be cool.

What I really want to do is make mesh crap. I love the idea of mesh, but I have software issues. I only know how to model in 3ds, but my version is too old to work properly with the mesh plugins. I can export the models into blender, but I have no idea how to texture in blender. And everyone is so secrititive bout how they do things that i cant really ask anyone without them getting all RWAR or wanting to charge me umpteen billion dollars. makes me nuts, because i know how to make things look awesome in 3ds.


I want cake.

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