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I think that the big fashion houses in Second Life take themselves WAY too seriously, with haute couture names and slick logos, or the hippy-dippy monikers and crunchy granola decor; its all getting very pretentious. I think that people need to lighten up. That’s why I’m creating a NEW clothing brand so that whenever I feel like making clothes, I have some way to share them.

I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to churn out professionally occlusion mapped mesh seasonal wear at the same rate as the big names, but I’ll spend forever hand drawing things, and I’ll finish them to the absolute best quality I can. I’m not going to restrict myself to high fashion gowns, grungy emo neko gear, flowey boho things, or bimbotastic skank wear. You will get ball gowns on Tuesday, and by Thursday I’ll release video gamer tees. I’m just going to make whatever I want, whenever I want, and hope that some people like it.

CU Logo Preview

CU Logo Preview

My brand is called cereal underpants. No, its not capitalized. No, it doesn’t have a thin, sans-serif logo in dark grey imposed over a lighter grey gradient background. No, I won’t overprice the clothes so that when you walk in, you think, “are you fucking kidding me? I’m not paying L$500 for a pair of fucking socks.” Here’s what you can expect: Fun. Quality. Randomness. Reasonable prices. And maybe, one day, an explanation of the evolution of the name.

I’m pretty excited.

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