o hai

So. I’m in England now.

What an odd and fantastical place

everything is expensive. everything is TEENY. Bars have weird opening hours. EVERYONE talks funny. and when i drink i become completely unable to understand anyone.

so far, ive been to London, which is very cramped and very polluted, but still fun, and interesting. ive also been to a village called Maiden Newton for this Maiden Newton at war thing. basically we all got dressed up 40’s style (my dress was 50’s but nobody knew the difference) and wandered around on a giant field looking at awesome displays, and watching battle reenactments. it was a crap load of fun, save for the torrential downpour on Saturday night, and the overall weather crappiness on the rest of Saturday. Sunday was perfect though. just warm enough, not too hot and not too cold, and i got to take lots and lots of awesome photos of REAL Sherman tanks, and i got to ride on ze German’s motor bike. this weekend produced the only photos that will ever exist of me wearing a dress, hair done, makeup done, looking like a ‘house wife’ and COOKING(and maybe one of me scrubbing the kitchen floor (i spilled my boyfriend’s beer)… don’t know if Sam got that photo. anyone who knows me knows im NOT a dress kind of girl. not at all.

OH, and i live in bath, which i can guarantee is one of the most beautiful places EVER. i love just walking around. is so pretty.


P.S. Bars called Poo’s that have awesome music nights make meg hung over >_<

P.P.S. thanks for putting up with me Ally…. i shouldn’t drink

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