the arcade! march ’13

Ok, I normally avoid Gachas, but the arcade is just frigging awesome.

I’m going to type out my play by play reactions to what I’m seeing on the shopping guide. I’m only commenting on things that I have a strong reaction to. I like/dislike other things too, but there are a zillion vendors, and id like to go to bed sometime tonight.

[edit] Btw, whether I like an item or a shop has nothing to do with the person CREATING the item itself I’ve loved shops and items made by people I hate, and frequently hated items from people that I love. Even if I hate items I can usually still admire the creativity and talent it takes to make them, unless I specifically slag off the laziness of said item. Then no :p[/edit]

I haven’t even SEEN what intrigue is making but i KNOW i want it.

Alouette - The Bibliotheque Chair

Alouette – The Bibliotheque Chair WANT! dark green or blue…. or black or white.

Balaclava! - Marchin’ On Instruments

Balaclava! – Marchin’ On Instruments I LIKE these a lot, but I’ve never played any of THESE instruments irl, so I don’t think Id collect them.

Auxiliary - Wild Rumpus Hood

Auxiliary - Wild Rumpus Romper & Tail Auxiliary – Wild Rumpus Hood & Auxiliary – Wild Rumpus Romper & Tail Ok, I know that Auxiliary is like OMGSOPOPULARZ!, but I just don’t understand this offering. WHY are they seperate. They should be one thing.. I’d be super pissed off if I played and played and played, trying to get a matching set and just couldn’t. It’s not really a great trade item either as SIZE is an issue. Will not be playing.

Curio Obscura - Stackable Hairstyles

Curio Obscura – Stackable Hairstyles This is SO LAWL. I love it to bits. I HATED last rounds offering, but this is FAN-FRIGIN-TASTIC.

Dead Apples - Anime Eyes

Dead Apples – Anime Eyes I have no strong feelings about this offering aside from wondering why I havent gacha’d my own eeys yet.. i have enough of them! ohm and ‘different,’ ‘muted,’ and ‘moss’ are pretty. */makes gacha machine*

Commoner - Brash Cans

Commoner – Brash Cans HAHA brash cans. I’d like the quaaludes can. Probably also the uppers and downers. And the glitter one.

Clawtooth - Doolittle Hair

Clawtooth – Doolittle Hair Ohh clawtooth hair! Normally I’m not a fan of clawtooth’s stuff; I WANT to like it but it usually just looks crap on me. The doolittle hair is SEXY! I SO hope it looks good!

DECO - Guy Stuff

DECO – Guy Stuff I’m glad there is guy stuff in here. The Arcade is normally a bit of an anti-sausage fest, with all it’s girl’s clothes & accessories and cute things. Its nice that the boys get to play too. That said, I want the dog tags. Wonder if they’d fit.

Floorplan - Antique Phones

Floorplan - Teardrop Trailers Floorplan – Antique Phones & Floorplan – Teardrop Trailers OHH MY FUCKING GOD! Floorplan Phones. Flooprplan Trailers. TEGAN, STAHP IT! WANT THEM ALL. Tegan is trying to destroy my bank account.

Fashionably Dead - BB Doll Heads

Fashionably Dead – BB Doll Heads DO NOT WANT BB doll heads. The last round’s were creepy. These are slightly less creepy, but I still hate them. I mean, they are well made and I admire the artistry, but I hate them. Good art is supposed to evoke an emotion in the observer, right? Unfortunately my emotion is hatred.

Fanatik - Logo Bangles

Fanatik – Logo Bangles Logo bangles? Really? No. Cheap looking, lame, lazy -effort, boring, and, frankly, juvenile. Even more cringe-inducing than the stupid ‘bitch’ and ‘YOLO’ rings that were in the September round. At least the rings were interesting cut-out mesh. These are just letters plonked on a cylinder. they look like something id produce as a mesh test item to see if my computer could render image maps. this gets an F– from me.

Gizza - Epaulette Set

Gizza – Epaulette Set I have mixed feelings about these. I love the black one, but I wish the accessories weren’t gold. They’re sculpted, not mesh so they wont move with you. I’ll have to see one in-world before I pass judgement. I love the idea though.

Glam Affair - Luria Skin

Glam Affair – Luria Skin Glam Afair is another name that I know is super popular, but i never really go for with skins. Aside from the fact that their skins look crap on my avatar, I always find the makeup options not crazy enough. The only one that looks even vaguely like something I’d wear in SL or RL is 13, and even then its kind of…. not bright enough. To each their own though!.

Glow Studio - Earrings, Necklace & Glasses

Glow Studio – Earrings, Necklace & Glasses Glow Studio! I love your chunky/spikey jewelry! MAKE A CHUNKY OR SPIKEY JEWELRY GACHA!

Glam Affair - Slice of Paradise

Glam Affair – Slice of Paradise I like the teal and hot pink ones. I have no idea wtf they are supposed to BE, but I like them.

HANDverk - Wonderful Relics of Oz1

HANDverk - Wonderful Relics of Oz2 HANDverk – Wonderful Relics of Oz1 & HANDverk – Wonderful Relics of Oz2 HANDVERK! Y U DO THIS! I’m always excited when you’re at the Arcade, but I hate this whole fairy tale thing. Not Oz specifically (though I do have a specific hatred for Oz which I’ll explain later*), but just the fairy tale thing hats so popular in the media these days. I like new and interesting stuff. Not re-hashed children s nonsense. its beautiful re-hashing though.
Either way I love your work and these are beautifully made! If that’s an actual HOUSE I can live in, like a skybox, I’ll totally buy it. If not, I’ll pass :(
Also, is that a sponge under the Witch’s Whistle? LOL.

Half-Deer - Eternum Antlers

Half-Deer – Eternum Antlers These are super fuckin’ cute! I want all of them aside from whimsy, dollface, and vintage (too girly for me). I especially love divinity and triangulate. Also, the font on the image is one of my favourite fonts EVER.

Half-Deer - The Sugar Battalion

Half-Deer – The Sugar Battalion WAY.TOO.FUCKING.CUTE. I want all of them, ESP the Galactose, because it’s cute AND I’m lactose intolerant.

Hucci - Lavan Wedge

Hucci – Lavan Wedge Clear heels are for Hoes:

(sorry the video spills out over the edge)
Btw when I went to add the video I noticed this:

Insufferable Dastard - Elena Skins

Insufferable Dastard – Elena Skins Even though none of these have makeups that I LOVE, I like the shape that is included with the skins, because its not what I call “kissy bitchface” – that squinty eyed, big lipped crap that’s so popular these days – and because it looks slightly… I’m going to say plains-indian-ish. Very, very beautiful. Also I like that the highlights on the skin don’t look like she was shot in the face with a glitter gun or a pad photographer’s flash. they are very realistic and just lovely.

Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Circus Edition

Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Circus Edition ALL OVER THAT SHIT. Rocky, Barcode, Squee and Dandy make me lol because of the names. LOVE LOVE LOVE OMG.

LaGyo - Triple Leather Bag Ombre

LaGyo – Triple Leather Bag Ombre Looks like a full perm sculptie I have, slightly altered. BORING.

Leezu - Greta Mesh Curtains

Leezu – Greta Mesh Curtains I want TEN of the Owl ones for my Paris Apartment from Apple Fall.

Nardcotix - Puss Pillows

Nardcotix – Puss Pillows HAHA. I want the yellow & purple one. Too cute.

Lisp Bazaar - World Time Clocks

Lisp Bazaar – World Time Clocks I want the black & white dots and all of the black and white key ones.

Milk Motion - Mini leather suitcase bag

Milk Motion – Mini leather suitcase bag I want the bear rare one and the grey chevron one.

Nylon Outfitters - Art Nails

Nylon Outfitters – Art Nails Normally I HATE her hand-drawn items (her art is cool, i just don’t like hand drawn clothing) but the doodles work in this situation. UNFORTUNATELY these nails look a lot like these full perm ones from the market place. Also, almost all of the designs look like they were pulled straight off of nail-art blogs. I thought the Arcade was supposed to be for original items only.

Olive - Folded Golded Paper Necklaces

Olive – Folded Golded Paper Necklaces Love the name! And these are super cute.

O.M.E.N. - Mech Wing

O.M.E.N. - Flight Attendant Outfits O.M.E.N. – Mech Wing & O.M.E.N. – Flight Attendant Outfits So cute! SO random! totally not my style, but still cute as all hell, and I love that it all comes packed in the Suitcase! I might try for the purple wings, or the bee ones.

Pink Fuel Skins

Pink Fuel Skins Cyber grey and Von D are sexypants! I wonder if they’d work on my shape.

Scarlet Apple - It’s All About Love Bedroom

Scarlet Apple - Nerd Mesh Scarlet Apple – It’s All About Love Bedroom & Scarlet Apple – Nerd Mesh You bitches. I LOVE this designer! I cannot afford this!

Standby - Bentos

Standby – Bentos PANDA! BEAR! OWL! KITTY!!

Shakeup - Fans

Shakeup – Fans At first i was a bit Meh. Aaaaand then I saw ZEBRA! HELL YES. and maybe lime too.

Schadenfreude - Tako Tea Set

Schadenfreude – Tako Tea Set
It’s cute and I want all of it with a rabid ferocity, but Y U NO MAKE MOAR VOUBOOS!

Standby - Instant Coffee

Standby – Instant Coffee I don’t get it. they are just jars… the shelves are super cute though.

Sway’s - Candy Bear

Sway’s – Candy Bear Ursus Bisquitus – LOL! so very cute

Tableau Vivant - Backpacks

Tableau Vivant – Backpacks ZEBRA and that black wallpaper looking one.

Tableau Vivant - Spirithood

Tableau Vivant – Spirithood I want a black kitty one.

The Secret Store - Vintage Rollerskates

The Secret Store – Vintage Rollerskates BLACK NEON! SILVER! DISCO BLUE! PANTHER! Amazing! The 80’s one is pretty cool too.

Trompe Loeil - Lamps

Trompe Loeil – Lamps oooooohh I love the spotlights, the steampunk lamp and the mason jar!

Vespertine - Machinarium Suitcases

Vespertine – Machinarium Suitcases -.-… I LOVE suitcases. They are a weakness of mine.

Zigana - Gypsy Caravan

Zigana – Gypsy Caravan I like the Dark Carnivale and the Almost Naturel one. 40 land impact is a bit steep though!

Yummy - Polyex Sports Watch

Yummy – Polyex Sports Watch “Timeless Fashion (the clock literally does not tell time)” HAHAHA. I want one JUST because of the comment. Don’t care what color.

Wilds of Organica

Wilds of Organica SADJKLWERKL DF! These are AVATARS!?!?!! The grey & teal one looks super cute!

What Next - The Anywhere Lawn Chair

What Next – The Anywhere Lawn Chair I’m gong to attach one of these to my ass and never ever EVER take it off. EVER. Must buy one for Ori.

*Once, when I was maybe 7 years old, I was grounded for about a week. When you’re 7, a week is FOREVER. At my house, grounded meant you had to stay in your room, no TV, no radio, no friends. For the entire week of my grounding, my little sister (about 4 years old at the time) watched the Wizard of Oz, repeatedly, every day. I couldn’t SEE it, but I could hear it. over and over and over and over and over. It was pure and utter hell on earth. by the end I wanted to set fire to the stupid scarecrow and stab stupid Dorothy in the eye with her damned shoe. I cheered for the witch and her monkeys. And that’s why I hate the Wizard of Oz.

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