woo 2009

Just another update to let you all know that I’m not dead. Life has been busy. I moved to a new flat in England and ever since I moved I’ve have people over on a bi-weekly basis, (My fiancee insists that it is FORTNIGHTLY, not bi-weekly, and I can natter that “it’s a word, I learned it”)(yes, he IS special, thanks for asking). This ritual involved a lot of drinking, being hungover, hanging out at the local spa and neglecting SL.

I’ve made ONE single paltry new skin called CC, set up skins in the Lalique sim, and made a general mess of everything else.

Ohh Christmas. Oh, Alexis, what did you get for Christmas? Oh thanks for asking.. I got lots ‘o good stuffs. My top 3 gifts, in no particular order are: a tripod, a new Bamboo tablet and a print of one of the only good photos I have ever taken. I also got 2 ‘jumpers’ from Bench, a photo album from my mother designed specifically to make me cry, a book form Chuck Palaniuk (sp?) a cat umbrella, jammies, a housecoat, socks, lactaid pills (I am lactose intolerant), a shirt that says”Just shy, not anti-social, (you can talk to me)“. All around it was a good pile of stuff.. Nothing I had to crinkle up my face and pretend to like.

And for new years we went to the bar, I DIDN’T get smashed, and was NOT hungover the next day. (Thats for real, not internet sarcasm) Which was petty cool.

I guess I also neglected to make Halloween skins this year… oops. Anyone who has me on facebook will see what iw as doing instead.. i covered my friend, my fiancee (yeah i got engaged) and myself in blood, and doodled up another friend as the joker (heath ledger, not jack Nicholson style.)

Yeah im jsut rambling now



P.S.I thought Mac’s decision to Collaborate with Dame Edna was great. now they have decided to collab with HELLO KITTY.. i think i wet myself in excitement when i heard. SQUEEE!

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