A few things

1)I have released 2 new skins, Fierce and Nayeli, which are available in my Glenn store, to the right of the stairs.

Stairs? What stairs?

2) My store backs onto KellyM Watkins’ store, Envy, and we both thought, separately “hey.. wouldn’t we both get more exposure if we just blew a hole through our walls and made it so customers could go from one to the other?” I did not want to sound overly presumptious by asking her about this so I just stayed quiet.. then SHE asked me. Which was faberriffic. So the center panel of my new store is now gone and I have some nifty stairs leading to kellyM’s store.. please note that I am in no way affiliated with her store or her products, nor is she with mine. We don’t share profits, business goals, products, nothing. We are just sharing a hole in the wall. And maybe some cookies. After we blew a hole in the wall we re-textured her store with a bunch of my textures so that the style was similar. I don’t want people getting confused thinking I’ve started making shoes or she’s started making skins or whatever. She can’t answer customer service questions about my store, nor can I answer questions about hers.

3) Thank you to all of you who have answered and are still answering my survey. Your answers prompted the release of Nayeli and Fierce and will affect my future designing. If you are saying WTF survey? Join my subscribe-o-matic group to read the notice about it.



P.S. Today I was floating about on roflrazzi.com and came across this image.

Janice Dickinson c/o ROFLrazzi

Janice Dickinson c/o ROFLrazzi

I immediately thought to myself, “My GOD that looks like so many avatars in second life these days”.. GIANT MASSIVE LIPS, poorly poorly done dark eye makeup, waaaay too much fake tan with way too much highlighting on the forehead/nose/cheekbones. That’s called camera flash ladies, not good makeup.

This is both a comment on skin makers and avatar face shape choice. I’m not trying to make enemies, I really really am not. But I feel some designers are way overdoing it. Collagen is for RL, not for SL, ladies. Cake-up-make-up is for RL hoe-bags, not SL women. In RL you cover bad complexion with cake-up. In SL you don’t have a bad complexion so why do skin makers insist on making faces look caked with foundation, over highlighted, over shaded, over glossed? Also, please quit with the fake and bake. I can understand and fully accept skin tones from different nationalities. I think its really awesome when designer make skins for other nationalities that actually look like they are from different nationalities, but so many skins these days just look like Caucasians, salon baked at 350 for 12 hours.

I’ll probably be slashed and burned for this kind of comment. I’ll be in sent to SL hell. Whatever. I’ll have piles of people saying “Don’t bitch about it if you cant do it better.” I CAN’T do it(yet).. Thats why I just DON’T.

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