Moar Updates?


1) I have TWO new EMA satellite locations. One at Retrology, in the Obscure Finds Market, where Flawed Perfect used to be. I’ve also talked to Kets, and when the next shop space opens up I’ll have an actual shop on the sim. yay!.

My other new location is on the Luth Brodie’s Lalique Sim where I have most of my stuff up. I may add some Flawed Perfect eyes at that location, I’m not sure yet.

If anyone has any suggestions for where I could have some more satellite locations, for any of my brands, let me know.

You are all probably wondering why this flash thingy is floating over here ->

Mac cosmetics (I’m guessing you figured out I love them) recently released their collaboration with HELLO KITTY. And lo and behold, I log into my email and what is there.. a sweepstakes to enter so you can win stuff from the collection. YAY!

Just thought I’d share [sweepsteaks flash thing removed cause its gone]

love love love


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