Oooh! thats right! last night when I was blogging I forgot to mention wordwang. If you look at the names of my skins, they are pretty random. Half of the names aren’t even words. I keep a notebook full of words and things that sound kind of like words, that I like the sound of. When I make a skin, instead of naming it logically, unless I already have a name in mind, I close my eyes and point to a word, and if I think the word fits, I use it. I once pointed to the word “lime” after making a predominantly pink skin, and didn’t use it, becasue I didn’t think that it fit. In hindsight, I wish I had.

WHY do I do this? I have 270 eyes, largely named logically; I’m sick of logical naming. It’s too much work. And this is way more fun.

Why are you telling me this?

Because, now you, my customers, friends, and family, can send me your wordwang submissions, and I’ll add them to my list. If I choose your word, then I’ll send you whatever product you just named. If I get the same word more than once, the first person to send it to me gets the credit.

E-mail your wordwang submissions to alexis[at]projectalexis[dot]net with the subject WORDWANG and your avatar name, and ill add it to the list.. It’s just that simple.

Das Numbarvang!


P.S. You get bonus points if you actually know what the heck WORDWANG comes form. Bonus points count towards nothing, but you know you have them. And that’s all that matters.

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