Ok, so, as anyone who has spoken to me for more than 7 seconds in the last week and a half knows, I JUST GOT A NEW GRAPHICS CARD! Its like an upgrade from a piece-of-shit car to a spaceship. I am in love, and I’m pretty sure the world is made of glitter.

I decided that because I now have the ability to take super-sexy photos, that i will start doing it more often.

Along with a new gfx card, I have a fairly new house that I have been totally unable to do anything with because I was previously just a walking crash fest, and I have a bunch of new Arcade crap to set up (along with a lot of old stuff from my last house).

Let me tell you, in real life im not the tidiest person out there. I haven’t started my own mold colonies on my desk, but i do have all of the things all over my .. we call it my nest. Everything from flip-flops to full soda cans, from crochet books, to jaunty new year’s party hats, from towels to bubble wrap to forks. Its all in there. And It’s usually worse right after I move my nest to a new house, because the entire house IS my nest.

I thought that the moving mess was an exclusively RL thing… but if you look at this photo (beware its MASSIVE so you can see all the details, but it takes forever to load):

Moving in

I thought moving was only supposed to be messy in REAL life!

it appears that I was wrong. This is just one corner of my new house, with mess EVERYWHERE.

This is what happens when you are just dragging things from one house to the other, and when you have a “rez it or you will forget about it” attitude, combined with an anal-retentive need for things being aligned PERFECTLY. this move is nearly as time consuming and stressful as an RL move, though the boxes are a little lighter.

You may have noticed that I’m sort of starting a cruelty-free red-neck-free beheaded creature collection. If you know where I can obtain more of these objects, leave me a comment!

<3! If you're wondering what everything is:
-Black impala head, Chinese takeout, scrabble board, large photo frame & The (heavily modified) Paris Apartment: {apple fall}
-chevron consoles, side tables, rugs, {scarlet apple} (arcade)
-spotlights, candle lights, Ceiling fans, bench (mostly hidden under a prim) and couch: Trompe Loeil
-chairs are a mashup from exposure and pilot, available at Atelier Kreslo (sp?)
-origami deer heads and (working) tic-tac-toe board: commoner
-Wood deer head, spool table, douchebag jar: Floorplan
-cardboard deer: Handverk (mens dept)
-plate: Dec 2012 arcade
-those weird dark things in the middle of the room are the backs of “arctic animal lights” .. i cant remember where from.. its 5 am. Ill find out tomorrow.
-(blurry) cats: shop Siu
-10,000 plushies: Intrigue Co. (There is also a partially visible tako from the arcade on the couch)
-cabinet (facing the wall): pilot
-clothes: ColdLogic
-shoes: Grim Bros (notice I’m wearing 2 diff ones)
-Hair: Truth (arcade)
-Fennux grabber: fennux
-random prims: me

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