New build, new makeup (rl)

So, not that anyone goes to my store, or reads my blog, but I have (another) new build. The hole in the wall to envy is gone, because envy moved away/closed that location. She also sold me one of her little plots, which I’m just using for prims.. so have a little lawn space beside my store. and i needed more space. so skins are downstairs, eyes are upstairs.

What makes me all concernicus, is my freaky desire to use pink in the build. I don’t even like pink. In fact, I HATE pink. But because of MAC’s damned Hello Kitty release (more about that later) I feel inable to create anything that isn’t black-white-pink-grey. I’ve included my own color change script in most of the pink things so when I finally snap put of this, it won’t take me 20 years to get rid of all of it.

I’ve also changed my store sign. For any of you who have ever tried on my Venti skin, you know the little demo sign over your head, all prim-heavy, and looking like a vector illustration? It’s that.. only huge, and the color portion if it bright pink, instead of orange. I’ve also laid the new sign in the middle of my floor and extruded bits of it so that now I have a shelf/seating-area/desk thing.. I have no idea how to explain this.. you will just have to see it. And, you guessed, the colored portions are.. pink >_<. but whatever. I think it looks frigging cool.

So, this MAC-hello kitty mashup thing. I’m conflicted on it. The packaging is orgasmically fantastic. I love it.. so so much. The quads weren’t the normal black/clear lid quads that MAC releases (yes, like the ones that Minnu riped off for use her store, erasing the mac logo form the lid, [yeah, I just called you on it]) but little rectangular ones with the shadows arranged linearly with a swirly awesome logo on top. I loved them. I wanted them. And I cried because I could not buy them. Not for lack of finances (but God that stuff is expensive), but because frigging mac keeps re-releasing limited fucking colors.

Lets start with the Hello Kitty Wild: Too Dolly pallette (how is ‘too dolly’ a wild name?). WHY did you release Romping again. It’s nothing like the bright pink you used in all of the promo material. And its not that great of a color. And I have it already. Bought it back in July 2007 with the C-shock release. And I have EVER EVER USED IT. It’s not good enough to warrant a re-release. And Too Dolly, the quad’s namesake? Looks EXACTLY THE SAME as Haunting from Alexander McQueen (October 2007). I know this because I HAVE IT ALREADY. The highlighter color, Yogurt was inoffensive, but its a permanent color, available as a single shadow, all year round. And I don’t need any more highlighters. so thats 4 reasons not to buy the pallette. The dark color Stately Black was cool, and if they had sold these as singles I would have bought it, though it looked a lot like a few other colors. And it was a repromote from the October 2007 Antiquitease Royal Assets: Metallic 6-shadow palette. But I didn’t buy it back then and I would have now. IF it were a SINGLE.

Next up: Hello Kitty Mild: Lucky Tom (I think the names on these pallettes are backwards). Paradisco: Great color, but its Permanent, and I have it already. I love it though. Stylin’ Looks almost exactly like Climate Blue (Cool Heat, June 08) which looks almost exactly like Jeweltone (Aug 06). Shade description claims it is a pearl, but it looks like a velvet like the other 2. I have the other 2, and don’t really like/use them. the highlighter, Creme Royal, I might have bought, but again, it wasn’t a single, but only because my Nylon, a permanent color, is running out. Also, its another repromote from October 2007 Antiquitease Royal Assets: Metallic 6-shadow palette. The namesake color Lucky Tom was boring and.. boring. I don’t even remember it.

I live in England and only have a counter store(@!#%@$%^#%^&) so most of the rely cute accessories and stuff weren’t available. I DID get a Petite Hello Kitty makeup bag(for way to many pounds), its cute and I love it. If they had had the damned Soft Vanity cases at my location id have bought that instead. It literally gives me actual real heartache that I don’t have access to some of these items. Im a totally disturbed mac addict and I want to cry becasue I cannot buy some of this stuff. Yes, you can get it online, but I am a tactile shopper. Online doesn’t get my rocks off.

the pigments were boring, the glitters I already had similar versions of. I’m not spending that much on nail polish (and their nail polish is chippy), the beauty powders/blushes/lip conditioners were boring. I don’t buy mac mascara or lashes. too expensive. Though the lashes were super cute. I liked ONE fo the glitter liners, but I don’t wear glitter liner enough to justify buying it. The lipsticks were either way too bloody bright for me or.. ugly. So were a bunch of the glosses.. ugly I mean. And that Hello Kitty doll was fucking terrifying. Just NO. however I DID want the mac employee HK necklace.. adorable much? Also I ALMOST bought the brushes.. but expensive for only 3 brushes.

So in the end, the collection that I was totally mental over only drained me of 38GBp, because all I bought was 2 lipglosses and a little makeup bag.

I love mac because of its bright new exciting innovative colors. This collection had Bright exciting colors, but none of them were NEW, and not being new, how can they be INNOVATIVE? If you are brand new to mac this collection would be great, but if you are a long time mac lover with a large collection (well large by a normal person’s description, small by a mac lover’s though) it was a bit saddening. Sure the e/s combos were great looking together, but why mix a bunch of repromotes, permanent colors and colors that looke identical to previous colors together? Why nto make NEW colors. Like actually NEW, not ‘new-but-really-repromotes/copies’. I like my mac, and im very interested in spending a lot of money to buy more of it. But I want NEW things, not more of what I already have.

Regardless of all of my bitching, I stil love the collection, and was a little heartbroken that I couldn’t get more of it.



I like makeup waay too much.

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