JUNE ARCADE! first glance review

It’s that time again! Arcade! My play by play impressions from the shopping guide.


1) Alouette – Tropical Getaway ohh super cute palm trees!

Apple fall

2) Apple Fall – Breakfast at Tiffany’s I want the book ends and the red lilacs.!


3) Aria – Oolong Teacup Planters I have been looking for nice flowers forever!

Art Dummy

4) Art Dummy – wake me i want the lime and blue diamonds alarm clock, and the black one.


5) BAIASTICE – Leather Cuff Bracelet i like several of these! especially the spikey ones


7) Bbqq – School Furniture i love the dirty set!!


7) Boogers – Soap Box Derby I got really excited about these, and then I realized who made them. After his behavior at and towards yard sales last year, I’ll won’t be buying. People have to realize that their behavior will affect their reputation and therefore their sales.


8) Boom – Friendship Bracelets I want the rainbow and the neon ones!. also the yellow qand black and hot pink and orange and teal and lime. ok, i want lots of them.


9) Commoner – Photo Albums I want the It’s about to get nostalgic up in here, Dysfunctional Family Album, and Selfies. I wouldn’t turn down a Burn Book either


10) D-lab – Cyborg Parts Do I even need to elaborate? OMG YES.

Dead Apples

11) Dead Apples – Thunder Eyes I rarely (never) wear nyone’s eyes but my own, but i ahve to give these some note. seamp, champagne, volt, copper, rust, venom, murdur, silver, Attack, Mad, and Cream scream ZOMBIE to me. I. Love. Zombies. You have no idea.


12) DECO – Kelly Tote these look beautiful. they also look like they are probably high LI and will spend forever returning them for not being boxed at our yard sale. I want the grass one.


14) Elate! – A Posh Picnic I wants me a sammich! and perhaps some stawberries

FD headphones

FD shoes 15) Fashionably Dead Bossy Boots & Headphones Not wild about the headphones, the boots are cute. I have to say THANK GOD they aren’t more doll heads. those were creepy.

Floorplan Tents

Floorplan Typewriter 16) Floorplan – Sleepover Tent & Antique Typewriter ERHMEGHERD! the tents are super cute, and I want all the typewriters to go with all mah phones!


17) Flowey – Aloha summer These look cute.


18) Gizza – Summer Bag I want the aquarium one.


19) Half-Deer – Sweet Dreams Unicorn ohh i love these. I can haz bad apple?


HANDverk – Mermaid’s Purses SO AWESOME! Thank you for not making more fairy tale stuff. I WANT THE NARWHAL!


21) Hopscotch – Get your Geek on these are so great, and largely right up my alley.

House of Fox

22) House of Fox – Runway Essentials I want the chair, and I’d like a good look at the makeup.


23) Ilo – Work Boot These look like they might be amazing! I love the raspberry, chalkboard… I was going to start listing the ones I like, but I realize its all of them.


24) Ingenue – Delphine Heels These are ADORABLE!. And the colors! Amazing! I want them ALL.

Intrigue Co

25) Intrigue Co. – Prehistoric Pals you all know that i love these. Petunia is gonna look awesome in the barn with my panda and the clownfish.


26) Katat0nik – Wonderland Necklaces I wish these were wall art instead of necklaces. The black & white ones are beautiful. And I love the Red Queen and Caterpillar.

Ladies Who Lunch

27) Ladies Who Lunch – Cuffs and Collars these look amazing. I want to see them in more detail the darker two at the bottom and the three bright ones look amazing.


28) Leezu – Handreading Sculpture These make me confused. I L-O-V-E the chairs. I’d collect them all like a rabid crazy addict. What is with the weird person in the chair? I mean, yes, it’s a well made weird person, and I do like it, but I just want the chair, or at least one chair I can sit in, and I’ll have a conversation with the hand reader. If I can take the sculpture out, am all over that. I really really want the chairs.


29) Tabloid & MaVie – Shaka Brah Surfboard the artwork on these looks beautiful I can see one of these on my wall, and or elsewhere in my home.

Maxi Gossamer

30) Maxi Gossamer – Summer LadyBird These are beautiful. necklaces rarely work on me, but they are beautiful. I want the teal and the purple one!


31) Mishmish – Squirt Guns These remind me of the tako fish gacha. I want to pile them on the couch with my tako fishies. Very cute.


32) Noodles – Fairy Tale Charms While I don’t really have any desire to actually wear any of these, I am in awe of the intricate detail on noodles stuff. I also commend the creator for making the most basic part of the item – the bracelet – free, unlike Aux last round, who made the most basic part a rare. For that reason I really love these. And I wish that the starfish were earrings.

Nylon Outfitters

33) Nylon Outfitters – Vintage Portrait Necklaces I love the artwork in these.


34) O.M.E.N – Panda Sushi socute! !!!


36) Olive – The Grandma’s Treasure Gacha Such a random collection! I totally love it! I want the giant red beer cup that I can swim in.


37) PILOT (i dont really care what it’s called) well made as the collection looks, I won’t ever buy anything from Pilot again. Kaz was only lightly less obnoxious than the creator of Boogers was last round towards Yardsales and their users. Attitude feeds reputation feeds sales. Act like a greedy egotist, and don’t make money.

Pixel Mode

38) Pixel Mode – Bean Bag Chair I like the black, lime, and the green&silver spotty one.

Rachel breaker

39) Rachel breaker – Sweet Soft Fursona I have no idea whats going on here, but its definitely interesting!

Remarkable Oblivion

40) Remarkable Oblivion – Snapbacks These look incredible. YOLO, as ever, pisses me off, but the others are fantastic! IDK how they work with girl heads, but I’d like to give them a try.

Scarlet Creative

41) Scarlet Creative – Getaway CRATE SHELVES!! And I very much like the giant dominoes. I may steal the crates idea to use in my new RL house…


42) Schadenfreude – Dress Forms These are amazing. Still Y U NO MAKE VOUBOOS! I really want the angel wing ones. And the rest of them…

Second Spaces

43) Second Spaces – Game Night These are pretty amazing. Perfect house clutter. I can’t wait!

The Secret Store

44) The Secret Store – Rag Dolls I love the Blanche one!

Silent Sparrow

45) Silent Sparrow – Corgi I love Silent Sparrow’s creatures. These are no exception: and I love the nod to Torely.

Standby Inc.

46) Standby Inc. – World Tour these look completely and totally beautiful. I especially want the spare cables and some big speakers.

Sugar Heart

47) Sugar Heart – Sweet Factory Tights I want the eyeball tights!


48) Sway’s – Swim Ring These are very cute. I have no idea what I’d do with them, but I love them. I love the black and aqua are especially nice!


49) sYs – SOLAR necklace These are very interesting to me. I hope they fit!

Tableau Vivant

50) Tableau Vivant – Emotes GachaVery cute! I hope they are similar in size to the Vouboos, so they can all hang out and be friends!

TD Templates

51) TD Templates – Checkered Stud Belt I want all of these.


52) Teefy – Boho Holiday Kit I think I love the dresses. Need to see them in better detail, but the colors look amazing.

Trompe Loeil

53) Trompe Loeil – Billiards Dressers I love these. Old style things repainted to be modern. I want to do this in real life! so many ideas!


55) Vespertine – Fabric Birds I love these birds. I need something pretty like these to sit on my deer heads!

Wasabi Pills

56) Wasabi Pills – Lory Mesh Hair I hope this style suits me. Im so glad that the rares are the colors that I’m not head-over-heels in love with. The teal and green and red look stunning! Also, I love the makeup on the model.

What Next

57) What Next – Scooter Rezzer HUD these look so beautiful, but I don’t know where id use them. I want the aubergine and emerald anyway.

Wilds of Organica

58) Wilds of Organica – Sugar Glider Avatar Very cute. I really really LOVE the colors.


59) Yummy – Uber Cat Cuckoo Clock I love the multicolored one!


60) Zigana – Superbot I want chip!


I’m gonna be poor.

P.S. This took me about 5 hours to compile…

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