I’m back….-ish

So. I moved…Hurrah!

And now I’m back, with the internetz set up. Hurrah!



When I moved something happened to my external hard drive. I plugged it in, and nothing. I restarted the computer. Nothing. I changed power cables, USB cables, and even gave it a good shake. Nothing.

So it went to the fianc√©’s parents house for easter with us. Turns out the HARD DRIVE was OK, just the other bits in the external piece were buggered. So we replaced those bits. And I was able to recover ALMOST all of my data. Most of my movies and TV shows, most of my SL transaction records, and almost… ALMOST all of my SL stuff.


Somehow.. SOMEHOW the folder containing every single thing related to EMA is GONE. All of my skins. All of the advertising for them. All of the branding. All of the base files. Ever single tiny thing that ever had anything to do with skin-making is gone. Completely and totally vanished. Dead. Finito. As if it never existed at all.

So I have to redo EVERYTHING.

I’m hoping I can fix a lot of things that I didn’t love about my skins, like the ears, collar bones, knuckles, elbows, nails, ect

I also am considering making eyebrows in brown, ginger and blond in addition to black, even though I don’t think some of the brow colors will work with some makeup ideas I have.

I’m also half considering making some fun options like unibrows, haven’t-shaved-in-a-week stubble, grit under your nails, and other amusing things.

I’ll have a survey up asap to see what people think is a priority.

My priority list is as follows:

  1. fix ears
  2. fix knuckles
  3. fix collar bones
  4. fix elbows
  5. fix toes
  6. make new skin colors based on customer trending
  7. rename skin tones
    • [really light]
    • [light]
    • Fiona my Caucasian skin tone.. I’m keeping the name as Fiona is my ever constant inspiration.
    • [asian medium]
    • [light tan]
    • [medium tan]

I’ll be renaming the skin tones after customers and friends that have really been there and been awesome for the first leg of EMA’s life.

I know I have a bumpy road ahead of me, but it will be worth it to make the few people that like my work happy<3



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