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About Lex's Free Gacha Yard Sale List

totally free. no price, no fees, no ads, no subscriptions. Free for people who use it to find sales. Free for people who want to list their sales on it. I make zero money from this thing.


yes, thats right: zero scripts, so it's low lag & will work just fine on sims with scripts disabled. But, how do you do that? It's magical. I'm a wizard.


Every time I visit a new sale, or find out that one has closed, I update my master list. Within 20 minutes of the update, the change will appear on your hud, due to an auto update feature. You will not receive a new item as an update, the hud you have will just update itself.


OK, there is no weather reports, but I do occasionally post warnings about scammers and important notifications from gacha item creators.


If you want your sale on the list or see a sale that isnt on the list, drop a notecard on Alexis Stapovic containing the slurl or landmark. After I visit the sale I'll add it. The only qualification is that it is a sale and it has gacha items. It can be a massive free-for-all where everyone and their dog can sell any gacha items, or just a couple of spare items set up for sale on your living room coffee table. The only reason I wouldn't list a sale is if someone was obviously a scammer, or the owner was being a major douchebag. In 7 months I've only ever rejected ONE sale.

Lex has been offline since July 1, so if you want to add a sale EMAIL alexis@projectalexis.net with 1) your av name 2) sale name 3) SLurl 4) whether your sale is public free, public paid, private with mu;tiple people, or private solo. Please be patient, I will add you as son as I can


The HUD is copy/trans, so that you can freely share it with anyone you come across. If you want to allow me to place a giver-outer (yeah thats a word now) box at your yardsale, I would very much appreciate it! I like to keep an eye on distribution through L$0 sales. During The March Arcade over 700 people took a copy!

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